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          1. About Us

            Sourcing the best quality products & Fostering sincere business relationships

            A&C Paper Industry Group is a paper products manufacturer and importer, selling toilet paper and other paper products in Australia. We stock a wide range of paper products, including quality paper towels, toilet paper, kitchen towels, napkins, and dispenser of all kinds. Our diverse range of products has been carefully selected to meet the requirements of businesses from all aspects of cleaning supplies, as well as hospitality wholesalers, stores, chemical factories, packaging companies and much more.


            Specializing In:

            All Types of  Toilet Paper,

            All Types of  Hand Towel, Roll Towel

            All Napkins

            All Type Dispensers


            We provide good quality products so that you receive products of the highest standard for your business and customers. We are aiming to supply the best quality products at the lowest possible prices to our ever growing base of customers, because we believe that our customers’ business success is the foundation to the sucess of A&C Paper Group.



            Throughout the years, A&C Paper has earned a very good reputation for supplying quality products with our efficient delivery service throughout Australia. We are confident in all of our products and we guarantee your satisfaction. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are sourcing a new paper supplier or looking for a long term business partnership. 

            Toilet Paper Supplier for wholesale and retail in Strathfield South, Sydney; we provide best price and fast delivery. toilet tissue, paper products, tissue paper, paper machine 真人棋牌游戏